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I represent Feedworks USA in the Midwest including the states of North and South Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, and Nebraska . Feedworks USA is the United States marketing organization for 3 foreign produced feed ingredients. Econase RDE is a fibrolytic enzyme that helps ruminants digest fiber and become more efficient producers of milk and meat. This is the product that inspired the name for this web site, CowEnzymeDoc.com. In time, I think that this product will be widely accepted and used in the dairy and beef industries. It is brought to us by AB Vista, the world leader in livestock enzyme production. Calmin is a rumen conditioner and source of highly bioavailable minerals that is naturally occurring and helps hold the rumen pH of dairy cows in the most productive range for producing milk. This also improves cow health and minimizes the output of methane gas and manure by the cow. Calmin is provided to us by Celtic Sea Minerals of Ireland. ETX-5 is a feed conditioner. It helps animals overcome the deleterious effects of mycotoxins in feed. It is manufactured by Impextaco of Belgium. I also represents SALmate. SALmate is a rumen protected fish oil product that helps with reproductive efficiency in dairy cattle. SALmate is distributed by one of the partners of Feedworks USA.

The use of feed ingredients can only be made a success if they have been; well researched and documented, demonstrated to be economic, and well supported by a highly qualified team. Feedworks USA, Ltd brings all these characteristics to current and prospective customers, with solid support not only from the Feedworks’ Partners and associates such as myself, but also from the individual Manufacturers’ Technical and Marketing Groups.

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