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Rod Riewer, DVM               


Dr. Riewer attended North Dakota State University for 3 years before entering veterinary school at the University of Minnesota. He graduated with his D.V.M. degree in 1984. Dr. Riewer has been providing traditional veterinary services, herd management services and nutritional services to the livestock industry for 35 years.  During this time he has seen many changes in livestock production and his career focus has changed along with it. He started his career in veterinary practice, and entered the feed industry 22 years ago. Dr. Riewer started Livestock Production
Technologies LLC in August of 2012 and began representing Feedworks USA at that time. Dr. Riewer’s experience is primarily with the dairy industry, with additional ties to the beef, pork, and poultry industries. His goal is to “promote products and technologies that are profitable for livestock producers, friendly to our planet, and beneficial to the animals that provide for us”. All of the Feedworks products fit this goal. Dr. Riewer also works as a dairy management and nutrition consultant. He feels that we can best serve the nutritional needs of our growing human population by being efficient in livestock production while doing the best that we can to provide for the well being and health of the animals that serve us. Rod lives in Hutchinson, MN.



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